LRM/Get Lost

The LRM are excited to announce the GET LOST
psychogeography festival programme.

The full brochure is available here


Get Lost and TRIP Opening
Wednesday 28th May 8PM Greenroom

Join us for a drink to celebrate the launch of
the festival and our friendship with TRIP.
View intriguing images from Jane Samuels
haunted and beautiful abandoned building
project and Situationist inspired posters
from Pam Shaw and John Rooney, find out
more about psychogeography and expect a
few surprise treats too…

See Here… The Public
Drawing Experiment
Friday 30th May 11AM onwards
Manchester City Centre – see website for clues
Jenny Trigg will be inviting passers by to
show her what they see from her portable
studio which will be situated somewhere in
the heart of Manchester. Come along and
help create a map of what Manchester
means to you – this work will be collated
and exhibited in Nexus.

The Bench Project
8 AM Friday 30th May – 8AM Saturday 31st May
St Ann’s Square
A day in the life of street furniture of How to
Explore the City Whilst Sitting Still… Morag
was trying to deal with the contradictions
inherent with organising a festival of
walking whilst it hurts to stand up and
decided to take loitering to its limit and
make a city centre bench her home for 24
hours. Well, the view is bound to be better
than the telly. Please come and say hello,
have some cake and share your thoughts on
Manchester. Because it’s not an endurance test, the
timing of this event is subject to change
according to the weather.

Where Are You? An Introduction to the LRM and
Psychogeography Sunday 1st June 1-3PM Café Pop, Oldham
Street (Downstairs)
Psychogeography is about looking at our
city in different ways, it’s a place where
local history, politics, protest, art and
magick meet… Join us for a brief discussion
about what the LRM is about and how we
are trying to re-map Manchester. We’ll
introduce the Situationists and the links
the Paris of May 1968 and
Manchester 40 years on. Then we’ll go for a
wander and show you some of our favourite

The Caduceus Walk
Saturday 7th June 11AM-3PM
Meet at The Royal Exchange Theatre
A walk around Manchester unearthing the
mysteries of its esoteric architecture. From
a theatre built on Kabbalistic and Rosicru-
ciandimensions to one of Manchester’s
most famous three-sided, seven-tiered
public buildings. Plus, the mysterious,
mystical, pattern-in-the-carpet of the city fa-
thers, of the Golden Age of Manchester’s
Industrial Revolution revealed!

Pigeon Streets
Jane Samuels and Lee Johnson
Saturday 14th June 1PM onwards
Meet at The Royal Exchange Theatre
We really like pigeons. A lot. They see parts
of the city no one else sees, they’re messed
up survivors and they live and die on the
streets of their cities. Using work from art-
istswho were involved with the street art of
United Art City, we propose a pigeon eye
view treasure hunt in which participants
follow images and clues around Manches-
ter’s city centre. The first few to solve the
clues, choose the right pigeon from our line
up and text in the solution win a
pigeonlicious prize.

Dirty Old Town: A Tour of
Old Ancoats
Sunday 8th June 1-3PM
Meet outside the Crown and Kettle Pub, Great
Ancoats Street (opposite the end of Oldham Street)
Join us for a historical tour of Ancoats, the
world’s first industrial suburb and the cradle
of the Industrial Revolution in Manchester.
Discover the stories of its people and the
unique buildings before they are lost to

Corporation Lectern Project
Circling Manchester City Centre on the weekend of
14th & 15th June
Renegotiate power relations NOW with the
corporation lectern. it’s mobile, it’s
convenient. IDEAL for making your point.

Urban Camping
Come and visit from 14th June
Treacle Theatre Company: Susanne Kudielka and
Kaspar Wimberley
Urban camping inhabits disused empty
spaces that can be found squatting between
adjacent urban structures and looks at our
right to roam in the city. A tent will be pitched and a simple camping
kit and map will be available for visitors who
would like to go and enjoy the central
Manchester landscape to brush their teeth,
have a nap, or drink a cup of tea at the
selected camping site. Other members of
the public experience the installation as an
unexpected intervention.

Here Be Dragons
Treacle Theatre Company Kaspar Wimberley
Various Dates and Times
Here be dragons is a journey to the holes
and cracks that quietly form along the folds
of a well used map… You are invited to
become intrepid explorers, pioneers and re-
porters. Following a set of instructions and
using one of our worn and weathered maps
of Manchester we will set out to document a
selection of ‘holes’, Legend claims that early
cartographers labeled lands that had not
been mapped or documented with the
phrase ‘Here be dragons’ What will we find?
The results will be on show in Nexus.
See for more
information about treacle who will also be
staging miscellaneous interventions whilst
visiting us from Stuttgart.

Under The Pavement: The
Sunday 15th June 2PM-4PM
Meet at John Ryland’s Library Café, Deansgate
A Deleuzian, rhizomatic take on
Psychogeography suggests a literal hunt for
the green between the cracks in the
pavements and the cracks in the map. Join
us as we look for the fields, squares,
gardens and meadows of Manchester City
Centre. Many of these social spaces have
now been lost to paving stones – can we
re-discover and re-imagine them again?

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