Feeding back

27 06 2008


To all whom attended TRIP,

We are keen to build on the perceived successes of TRIP, so we’d really appreciate your help in moving it forward. Your comments will be incorporated into a Festival Report which will be seen by the funding agencies that made TRIP possible. We’d like to approach them again, so any feedback about the event, positive or negative, would be very welcome, however brief. Basically we’d like to ask you to consider this question: shall we host this event again, and if so, how should we do it differently next time?

Here’s a few things you might like to consider if you feel you can provide us with some more detailed feedback:

How did you hear about the event?

‘The ‘Call for Papers’ and the paper acceptance process

Communication prior to the festival, such as Joining Instructions and advice about local accommodation from the Conference Office

Registration fees

Bursaries for artists

This (TRIP) website

Conference packs

Venue for conference papers

Organisation and content of conference sessions

Catering and refreshments

On site assistance from organisers

Reception at URBIS

‘Get Lost’ programme

On- and off-site art installations

Arts interventions and events, including walks

Opportunities for socialising

Opportunities for networking

Delegate demographic

Finally, we are thinking of setting up an email discussion list dedicated to psychogeography (and related traditions/ideas/etc.) Would this be something you would be interested in?

Please email your comments to trip@mmu.ac.uk, or leave them as a comment on this post. We will do our utmost to act on any feedback given. Thank you for your time!


The TRIP organising committee



6 responses

28 06 2008

I went on the River Tib walk today with Don. We ended up at Barca at 6pm but didn’t see anyone else. Sorry we missed you all.

We asked the Waterhouse staff about it. They said the cellars there are extensive (‘a maze’) but couldn’t let us in to look for river evidence.

Had a fun day anyway. Nice to see a different side to the city 🙂

30 06 2008

Hi Emma

The Hidden Rivers walk was organised by the LRM – head over to http://www.nowhere-fest.blogspot.com/

sounds like fun though…

30 06 2008

some comments and criticism and maybe a chance to open up a forum:

I thank the LRM extensively for their help (no names necessary; you know who you are). I found the LRM to respond quicker and more frequent than TRIP. Granted TRIP had more to take care of, but I want to make sure LRM gets the credit it deserves for making the festivities happen.

Communication prior to and leading up to the conference was really spotty. Questions of fees and talk placements were left unanswered for weeks. Everything was resolved in the end, but I was left in the dark for a while and would often go weeks without responses.

The fees were a shock but that may be a difference between the states and Europe. I was pleased to receive a bursary (full disclosure) but the requirement of considerable fees was problematic for a psychogeographic festival. Still there were a number of forums to critique this practice and generated some good discussion about what we were doing in the first place. Again the LRM really came through in this area.

Pleased as punch with the venues.

Organisition –in the end– good and generative of good discussions.

Catering and refreshments very good.

On site assistance from organisers very good. Off-site assistance- not so good. LRM picked up a lot of the slack and deserve recognition for this.

Reception at URBIS: if you can’t beat em join em.

‘Get Lost’ programme great but a shame that so many events clashed with TRIP events.

On- and off-site art installations- didn’t have a chance to see them all. But what I saw added an important dimension.

Arts interventions and events, including walks: what interventions? The events were really great but styling them as interventions goes too far. Granted no true interventions could have been scheduled. But their absence, scheduled or not, did seem to be a shortcoming and one that might open up a critique of an academic-institution based psychogeo conference.

Opportunities for socialising: plenty.

Opportunities for networking: plenty.

Delegate demographic: very much appreciated the perspective that the relatively few women brought. Why were a number of demographics excluded? How inherent is this to psychogeography? Things to think through.

Thanks for everyone’s hard work- a good learning experience for all and in the end a great weekend. By all means- make it happen again.

1 07 2008

Many thanks for your feedback Jason, it’s much appreciated.

Thanks for supporting TRIP. We’ll be in touch.

1 07 2008

Emma – thanks for checking in. Not quite sure how we missed you at castlefield but i fear thats the nature of derives – we were running a little late and reached the other 3 groups but you two remained elusive – sorry – glad you had fun any way. Really great to meet you and hope to see you again

Jason – important debates to be had about demographics and diversity (interesting how many people assumed i was a man until they met me) and the meaning of interventions and the irony of institutions (those that happened by their nature were not in the programme) but i am a wee bit too tired to articulate them here. I’m really hoping to raise funds to get to proflux and get inspiration from the artists there

Hmmm. where is the best place for this debate? xx

4 07 2008

If you can make it over we will do our best to make sure you don’t have to spend a penny while you’re over. Frank is the one to talk to for funding tho. Hope you can make it! We’ll have to up our game and actually do something.
Re: debates.
It might be nice if an email discussion list was set up; however, a pub local to all of us would be even better!

The more reflect on it the more memorable the weekend of TRIP was. I think it is great that it took place and and I think there should be continued discussions and debates, especially as there was no forum (or time really) for this on the weekend.

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